Our commitment for costumers is to provide the best support. Sayan Owj Pars Co., with a team of well-known experts, is responsive to the needs of customers at all stages of product use.

Based on our experiences that have been achieved over the years with various industries, the need for expert communication between the final consumer and the manufacturer is needed that is possible with import and export.

Since companies in industrialized countries can rarely communicate with consumers abroad, there is no guarantee that all of these products will be delivered to the final consumer in a timely manner at the true price.

Under such circumstances, Sayan Owj Pars Co. can bring industrial goods directly and without barriers into the final consumer by its valuable experiences and professional professionals.

Sayan Owj Pars Co. supplies goods through its trading partners in Germany and Europe and delivered by the best international transportation services to its customers.

We will get full responsibility for our business partners abroad all over the country. These responsibilities include technical and economic advice, contracting, customs, licensing for export, after sales services, full accomplishment of all business affairs and extensive cooperation for our long-term customers.

With our overseas branch in Germany, we will be able to offer the products and services of manufacturing companies directly to Iran.

In the city of Hamburg, our knowledgeable and professional team in the communication sector enables commercial relations with manufacturers to provide the products of our customers by supplying and distributing with our specific and specialized strategies with the best service and the most affordable price.

By this, we explicitly claim that not only our goal is to attract new customers, but also to build confidence and trust in our long-term goals.

If you have any problems or have any questions, contact the after-sales service department.

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