Exhibitions and Announcements

Exhibitions are the best place to create business communication and It can be used to present new products and new technologies in comprehensive way. Our main asset in global trade is having a relationship. Exhibitions are, in fact, the best place to talk, to become acquainted with, and to create communication. In Germany, exhibitions play a significant role in the development of the economy.

Every year there are hundreds of industry exhibitions in Germany and through the Sayan Owj Pars Co. in Hamburg, we are able to accompany our clients if interested in international exhibitions.

If our customers want to attend exhibitions in Germany, Sayan Owj Pars Co. is ready to complete and follow up the whole process, including the preparation and sending of business invitations, preparation of documents for obtaining a visa, residence in Germany and the Ministry of Justice and so on.

Sayan Owj Pars Co. is represented at various exhibitions, seminars and congresses in order to improve the quality and introduce new products and new technologies and update visitors’ information.

The presence of you also makes us happy.