About Us

Based on 20 years of work experience in business between Iran and Germany, we established Sayan Owj Pars Co. in 2014

Sayan Owj Pars Co. accompanies its customers in the fields of supply of solar energy equipment, pipeline equipment and related equipment, measuring systems and Instrumentation and more.

The main target of the company is to help its customers in order to earn more profit through managing the supply of goods and being successful in market, especially in Germany.

Sayan Owj Pars focuses on long-term, winning cooperation with local and international partners based on organizational values. We support our customers in order to supply goods from Germany and provide services to the affairs of the best way to get close to their goals. This company not only deals with the supply of goods, but also has a strong and experienced team that carries out research, consulting, and managing the supply of goods, so that the customer’s goals become reality.